Under the guidance of licensed infant massage therapist Danielle Whiteside, GROW’s infant massage program will give you all the tools you need to massage your baby (6 weeks to 8+ months) with confidence. These classes can be taken in any order and multiple times in a row. In addition to your baby, please have with you a natural/edible oil and a blanket or baby pillow. If pregnant, please bring a 12-18 inch doll to massage.

MONDAYS 7:30 pm on Zoom

Benefits of infant massage include:

  • Producing calming hormones for both baby and parents
  • Increasing infant self awareness and body orientation

  • Assisting with muscle tone/development, blood and lymph circulation

  • Offering much needed soothing for tummy troubles and teething pains

  • Encouraging vital adult & baby bonding

COST: Infant Massage is included in any GROW membership! Others may join by purchasing an Infant Massage 4 pack HERE.

The below Infant Massage 4 week schedule begins on the first Monday of each month, but you can attend anytime during the month.

Week 1: Infant Massage 101  Learn types of strokes, cues of engagement, dos and don’ts , massage strokes, contraindications and more! Our first Wednesdays will be customized according to its’ attendees; it can be a perfect introductory class for newbies, a great refresher and motivator for those just starting to incorporate consistent massage, or an opportunity for the vets to build on what was learned previously. In the classes that follow you’ll utilize the strokes you’ve learned in the Loving Touch sequence and incorporate songs/rhymes and stretches.

Week 2: Legs, Tummy with Colic Routine *do not attempt to do tummy routine on recently fed baby; allow digesting time of 30 minutes . Participants are welcome to watch tummy routine if it cannot be performed*

Week 3: Chest, Arms and Stretches

Week 4: Face, Back and Alternate Moves 

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