We can’t wait to see you in class! Vaccination and masks are required for in-studio classes but not at the surf club. Please register below through our online Punchpass schedule.  

BURLINGTON SURF CLUB Schedule May 15-Sept 15 (32 Lakeside Ave, get directions here) | Tues 12:30 pm Postnatal/Prenatal Combo followed by free playgroup | Wed 9 am Postnatal Strength & Conditioning | Thurs 12:30 pm Postnatal/Prenatal Combo | Sat 11:45 am Postnatal/Prenatal Combo |Sun 11:45 am Postnatal Core Flow


STUDIO Schedule (696 Pine Street)

Mon 5:30 pm Postnatal/Prenatal Combo

ONLINE Schedule (Zoom, eastern standard time)
Mon 5:30 pm Postnatal/Prenatal Combo | Tues 12:30 pm Postnatal/Prenatal Combo | Wed 11 am Infant Massage | Thurs 12:30 pm Postnatal/Prenatal Combo | Fri 12:30 pm | Sat 11:45 am Postnatal/Prenatal Combo | Sun 11:45 am Postnatal Core Flow

Postnatal/Parents Yoga is a moderately-paced yoga class that relieves shoulder and back pain, strengthens deep abdominal and pelvic muscles, and builds stamina and flexibility. This class is appropriate for postpartum parents 6 weeks past delivery, or for parents/guardians with younger children (Sore shoulders/back and weakened abdominal strength don’t go away once the baby is crawling!) We begin the class with a short community check-in.

Core Flow Yoga focuses on learning how to turn on and strengthen deep transverse abdominal muscles and engage (or relax) the pelvic floor. We will discuss diastasis recti and will safely work toward knitting back together our outer layer of abdominal muscles if there is a separation. Please be warned – this is not an “ab buster” workout class! The work will be deep and appropriate for a postpartum body but you won’t find crunches in this class. In addition to transverse abdominal and pelvic floor work, we will flow through sun salutations and cool down with stretches.

Infant Massage is the perfect class to return to before your provider gives you clearance for exercise! This class gives you the tools you need to massage your baby with confidence, and is included in your GROW membership. See our infant massage page for more information. 

Strength & Conditioning combines a traditional approach of sustained holds & micro-movements with elements of yoga, leaving you feeling inspired, connected, and strong. 

Pricing: We have a variety of pricing options, including single classes and memberships. See pricing options here.

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