Replace Overwhelm with Confidence.

Since babies don’t come with a manual, GROW postpartum doulas are here to help your new family thrive!

Heather Gallagher, Daytime Postpartum Doula

Heather’s mission is to empower you during your postpartum time. She helps to create space for you to process, celebrate and own your unique experiences as they unfold. Heather is a nurturing advocate for families, helping to support you as you heal from your birth experience and create the rest and space you need to care for yourself and your little one. She is the mother of two children.

Ericka Weik, Daytime Postpartum Doula

Ericka’s journey as a nurturer includes being a mother to her 11 year old as well as a surrogate to this cutie in the photo. Her quiet, confident presence combined with years of experience creates the perfect support for new families. 

Postpartum support with Heather or Ericka includes:

  • Help with the “firsts” (first bath, first nail trim, first bottle…)
  • Support with babywearing.
  • Light housework.
  • Postpartum healing support and education.
  • Helping you get some rest by staying with baby while you sleep.
  • Teaching soothing techniques and baby sleep support.
  • Meal planning or prep.
  • Support with breast/chest/bottle feeding.
  • Reassurance from the worry and stress that comes along with being a new parent.

$45/hour, initial bundle 12 hours.

Rachael Gelineau, Overnight Postpartum Doula

There’s nothing more valuable to a new parent than a good night’s sleep, which can be hard to come by in those first weeks after baby’s arrival.  You and your baby are in great hands in the overnight care of Rachael. She’s been supporting families for the past decade with sleep, feeding, advice, and reassurance through the hardest time of parenting (when the sun is down).

Rachael can help you with:
  • Feeding baby, or bringing baby to you for breast/chest feeding. I offer lactation support as a certified lactation counselor and can help you establish breast/chest feeding or a pumping schedule that is sustainable.
  • Diaper changes.
  • Soothing baby during night wakings.
  • Quiet baby-related house chores while baby is sleeping (dishes, folding laundry, tidying baby things, etc.)
  • Help establish healthy sleep habits for baby.

8 hour overnight shifts $360 with additional hours available at $50/hour.

Looking for sleep support? Rachael is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and can work with your baby’s rhythms and needs to support healthy sleep for all.

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